Meet Kelsey

Hey guys! Kelsey here, I just want to take a minute of your time to brag about myself. First off I am a mother, wife and dog lover! I have three beautiful pups and a beautiful daughter that is my drive to do good and eat good. The food industry is brainwashing our children and I needed to do something before my child got brainwashed too. I feel very strongly about eating plant based as much as I can because food is medicine. I used to feel miserable and would need coffee constantly to keep me going, thats when I realized this cannot be the life I continue on. I decided that in order to take control of my life I needed to take control of my health and my families health. I decided that plant based eating was the way to go!!!!! I almost immediately had so much more energy when I ditched almost all animal products, and let me tell you I feel so much better and I want to thank food for that not a medication or a drug. Food is medicine ya’ll I cannot express that enough!!! I’m also a pharmacy technician and working in that industry gave me a perspective that that industry is all about the money, they did not want to help the patient and I knew after just a few short months “dealing drugs” that I had to get out and take another approach to my life. Yes I was in debt from that degree but I was not about to do something that I did not stand behind 100%. I am now a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and I could not be more happier with my career choice! I am so ready to help you help yourself eat better and feel better. I am your guide to guilt free eating. You can follow along with my journey at @theholisticmomdiary on IG